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Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs. Htc One: Beauty Or The Beast, Which Band Is Correct For You?

The Samsung Milky Way S4 has finally been unveiled. But HTC is trying to suspension dorsum into the smartphone marketplace alongside its HTC One. How exercise the 2 flagship phones stack up?

The HTC One has a huge screen, 4.7 inches, nearly every bit large every bit the former Milky Way south III. It boasts a 1920x1080 widescreen 16:9 display. But Samsung has increased the enshroud size on the Galaxy, to a 5-inch 1920x1280, 441 ppi display. Bigger isn't ever better, every bit people alongside small-scale hands volition attest, but both these phones are two-handers. 

These are a chip harder to compare, every bit it seems probable the Milky Way S4 volition come upwardly inward 2 dissimilar versions, each alongside a dissimilar processor, in addition to we're non certain which version is for the American marketplace (though it's probable the Qualcomm).
The S4 volition receive got an impressive eight-core Exynos five Octa processor, though about versions may run a to a greater extent than measure 1.7 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600, which is precisely the same processor inward the HTC One.
The Milky Way S4 has upwardly to 64 GB on internal retentiveness in addition to an SD bill of fare slot that tin conform upwardly to about other 64 GB. It's a wash, every bit the HTC One comes inward the same configurations.
Operating System
HTC loyalists receive got long loved the company's fashionable in addition to intuitive Sense interface, which overlays the stock Android OS from Google. Now HTC has revamped Sense, to version 5.0, ditching about of the sacred cows inward favor of a to a greater extent than interactive experience. While older users mightiness non similar the total integration of apps (even when sometimes y'all don't desire them talking to each other), users who don't differentiate betwixt emails in addition to texts volition live happy.
Samsung, on the other hand, uses TouchWiz, it's ain in-house overlay. It's to a greater extent than full-featured, but less user-friendly, in addition to less pretty.
The Milky Way S4 volition come upwardly alongside Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, the latest electrical current build. But Key Lime Pie is due out soon, in addition to hence fans are hoping the S4 volition live fast-tracked for an upgrade. The One nevertheless packs Android 4.1.2, in addition to HTC isn't known for quick OS updates, but they mightiness speed things upwardly to remain inward the game this time.
Too continue prices lower, Samsung is continuing to purpose polycarbonate plastic inward the trunk of the S4. The HTC One, meanwhile, is all aluminum. In terms of looks, the One wins, hands down.
HTC is trying something novel alongside the One. The photographic telly camera is alone four megapixels, but HTC has branded them "UltraPixels." They're larger than typical photograph sensors, in addition to hence HTC says they capture 300 part to a greater extent than lite than normal smartphone cameras, allowing photos inward low-light atmospheric condition that otherwise would yield a greyness blur. While the resolution suffers a bit, HTC is betting it volition nevertheless live proficient plenty for spider web or mobile viewing.
In keeping alongside the Milky Way S4's "make everything bigger in addition to faster" aesthetic, it boasts a xiii megapixel rear-facing camera, a 2 megapixel front-facing camera, in addition to the powerfulness to accept photos in addition to video alongside both cameras at the same time.
Nearly every reviewer says the HTC One is an impressive, first-class phone. It had amend be, because if it doesn't perform well, HTC may larn under. And losing such an innovative in addition to creative fellowship would live a shame for consumers, specially inward a marketplace dominated yesteryear Apple in addition to Samsung.
Compared to electrical current phones, the One is likewise far ahead of the pack, alongside plenty of features in addition to tech to futureproof it (as much every bit whatsoever slice of hardware tin be). But the Milky Way S4 is technically superior, judging from the spec sheet. It volition likewise probable live to a greater extent than expensive, in addition to if it sells anything similar the south III, everyone in addition to their grandmother volition receive got one.
Either telephone volition suit consumers simply looking for an upgrade. For a telephone alongside personality, the HTC One is the amend pick. For the virtually powerful telephone on the market, larn alongside the Milky Way S4.

So, this was our review. To choose, which ane fits best inward your terms is nevertheless your choice. Which telephone exercise y'all yell back is the winner. Please, exercise comment below.