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Nokia Lumia 925 Review

The Nokia Lumia 925 is the mo flagship telephone Nokia has added to its Lumia lineup inwards a week. While the Lumia 925 shares many cardinal specs alongside the Lumia 928 -- enshroud size, processor, in addition to photographic boob tube camera resolution -- it sports a metallic blueprint and, crucially, volition live available exterior of the U.S.
It's due to larn on sale inwards the U.K., Europe, in addition to mainland People's Republic of China starting inwards June, alongside an estimated cost of 470 euros earlier taxes -- await that position out to vary wildly i time local taxes are applied.

 is the mo flagship telephone Nokia has added to its Lumia lineup inwards a calendar week Nokia Lumia 925 Review

Rumors cause got been circling for months directly that Nokia has been toying alongside the thought of using metallic inwards its phones. The chassis on which all the crucial components are mounted is metal, alongside thick metallic banding introduce merely about the edges of the handset.
Rather than opt for an all-metal blueprint though, the 925 has a poly-carbonate back plate. It's a shame non to run into a single-piece metallic construction. We've already seen this on the HTC One and iPhone 5, both of which are unquestionably stunning phones.
That's non to country the 925 doesn't aspect expert though. Far from it. The metallic edging feels trace solid in addition to curves nicely to bring together the rounded border of the screen. The dorsum panel doesn't give much flex when y'all press on it, making it experience much to a greater extent than solid in addition to secure than the plastic trunk of the Samsung Milky Way S4

The GSM radio supports 850/900/1800/1900 bands. There's also WCDMA back upwardly for 850/900/1900/2100, in addition to LTE back upwardly for 800/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz.
The 925 packs a 4.5-inch display, which is physically the same size you'll larn on both the 920 in addition to 928. The 925 in addition to 928 nevertheless utilisation OLED screens, rather than touchstone LCD which hope richer colors in addition to deeper dark levels every bit they don't take away to be back lit as create cheaper screens.
Nokia already has expert shape for squeezing vibrant screens into its phones though -- its "ClearBlack" applied scientific discipline on the 920 in addition to other phones is excellent. In my demonstrate alongside the 925, the enshroud for certain looked impressively vivid in addition to bold, but I was seeing it inwards a dimly lit business office -- inwards those conditions, fifty-fifty a piteous enshroud would shine similar a supernova.
It has a resolution of 1280x768 pixels, which i time again is the same every bit you'll detect on the 920 in addition to 928. It's a shame non to run into a force for a few to a greater extent than pixels -- it would assistance the 925 stand upwardly out every bit a clear flagship against its brothers -- but it did brand the Windows Phone 8 interface look extremely crisp, thence it would live incorrect to propose it's lacking pixels.
 is the mo flagship telephone Nokia has added to its Lumia lineup inwards a calendar week Nokia Lumia 925 Review
Nokia has given the 925's photographic boob tube camera a span of modest tweaks, too. It uses the same 8.7-megapixel sensor every bit its predecessor, but Nokia explained that it's improved the optics inwards front end of the sensor. As good every bit the lightweight plastic lenses -- depression weight is needed for the optical icon stabilization -- the 925 uses a 6th drinking glass lens which Nokia reckons gives ameliorate clarity, especially inwards daylight.
Nokia has also manifestly improved its photographic boob tube camera firmware to give ameliorate dissonance reduction inwards low-light situations. Until I tin give the photographic boob tube camera a thorough test, I can't comment on whether these tweaks are worthwhile. The Lumia 920 was already an first-class low-light performer, thence let's hope Nokia hasn't messed merely about alongside that also much.
You volition detect some novel photographic boob tube camera software on board, principal amidst which is called SmartCam. This app (also integrated every bit a photographic boob tube camera lens) takes a flare-up of 10 images that y'all tin thence edit into an activity sequence, modify the faces, or select the best icon from the bunch to save. We've seen these functions already on the HTC One in addition to Samsung Milky Way S4. Unlike the Milky Way S4 though, y'all select how to edit the images later you've taken them, rather than select a setting to shoot inwards beforehand.
I've played merely about alongside the activity sequence modes on other phones in addition to flora them to live a lot of fun -- thence long every bit y'all cause got a peculiarly exciting scene to capture. Nokia's endeavour seems to piece of occupation inwards much the same way, but alongside what seems to live a to a greater extent than stripped down, easier to utilisation interface.
You tin laid the photographic boob tube camera to automatically charge inwards SmartCam mode, or y'all tin pivot the icon to your abode enshroud to larn access to it quickly.
One matter y'all volition take away to behaviour inwards hear though is that the Windows Phone 8 app shop is soundless real understocked. You tin detect the strange gem -- Netflix, Spotify, in addition to Skype are all available -- but many large titles are missing, in addition to WP8 devices are by in addition to large at the halt of the queue for receiving novel apps.
The 925 is powered past times a 1.5GHz dual-core processor which -- surprise, surprise -- is the same engine that's within the 920 in addition to 928. It's slowly to combat that Nokia needs to ramp upwardly its processor if it wants to properly compete alongside the quad-core phones, but given that there's real picayune y'all tin detect inwards the Windows Phone shop to taxation a phone, it in all probability doesn't take away to. I flora swiping merely about the interface to live perfectly swift, but I'll reserve sentence for the in conclusion review.


With its novel metallic parts, the Nokia Lumia 925 is a sleek in addition to attractive addition to the Windows Phone 8 range. Does it excite, though? No. It shares nearly of its cardinal specs alongside the older Lumia 920 which doesn't actually stack upwardly good against the elite contest such every bit the HTC One in addition to Samsung Milky Way S4.
We'll cause got to hold off in addition to run into if the slight tweaks to the photographic boob tube camera in addition to the to a greater extent than sturdy build volition brand the 925 a serious smart telephone contender.