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French Alphabets - Acquire French Language

French is a Romance linguistic communication spoken past times close 265 1000000 people inward France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, the USA, Lebanon, French Guiana, north, W in addition to key Africa, Madagascar, a issue of islands inward the Indian Ocean, Republic of Haiti in addition to other Caribbean Area islands, Indochina, New Caledonia, the New Hebrides in addition to the French Pacific Territories.
The French linguistic communication is descended from Latin in addition to start appeared inward writing inward 842 AD when it was used inward the Strasbourg Oaths. Before thus Latin was the linguistic communication used for literature throughout Europe. During the tenth in addition to 11th centuries, French appeared inward a issue of documents in addition to religious writings, exactly French literature didn't start to accept off until the belatedly twelfth / early on 13th century. The start groovy operate of French literature was the 'Chanson de Roland' (Song of Roland), which was published inward close 1200.

The French alphabet (l'alphabet français)
A aB bC cD dE eF fG gH hI iJ jK kL lM m
N nO oP pQ qR rS sT tU uV vW wX xY yZ z

French pronunciation

 French is a Romance linguistic communication spoken past times close  French Alphabets - Learn French Language

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