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Learn German - Pronouncing The German Alphabet

High German Alphabet

Learning the German alphabet is really of import because its construction is used inwards every twenty-four hr menstruum conversation. Without it, you lot volition non live able to tell words properly fifty-fifty if you lot know how to write those words. The ameliorate you lot pronounce a missive of the alphabet inwards a word, the to a greater extent than understood you lot volition live inwards speaking the High German language.
Below is a tabular array showing the High German alphabet together with how it is pronounced inwards English, together with travel examples of how those letters would audio if you lot house them inwards a word.

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German AlphabetEnglish SoundPronunciation Example
A aahas in Albert
Ä äah Umlautas in Age
B bbehas in Berta
C ctsehas in Cäsar
D ddehas in Dora
E eehas in Emil
F feffas in Friedrich
G ggehas in Gustav
H hhaas in Heinrich
I ieeas in Ida
J jyotas in Julius
K kkahas in Kaufmann
L lellas in Ludwig
M memmas in Martha
N nennas in Nordpol
O oohas in Otto
Ö öoh Umlautas in Oops
P ppehas in Paula
Q qkuhas in Quelle
R rerras in Richard
S sessas in Siegfried
ßess-testtas in Super
T ttehas in Theodor
U uuhas in Ulrich
Ü üuh Umlautas if the U was double to UU
V vfowas in Viktor
W wvehas in Wilhelm
X xiksas in Xanthippe
Y yupsilonas in Ypsilon
Z ztsettas in Zeppelin

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