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How To Add Together Social Media Icons To Your Weblog - Slow Way

Social Media has larn an of import thespian inwards the agency nosotros communicate alongside friends, identify unit of measurement as well as relatives.  The blogging basis is too moving towards social media to ready upwards their spider web log community. Social Media presence bring larn of import for every blogger, if they desire to grow their blogging community as well as to reach higher traffic for their blog. And, inwards turns it gives the users of your spider web log slowly access to your blog's content. 

So, let's run across - How To Add Social Media Icons To Your Blog:

Step 1: Before starting the move on adding social media buttons to your spider web log or website- you lot remove to larn the buttons first. You tin larn it free or you lot tin purchase also. I bring downloaded the buttons every bit shown inwards a higher identify inwards JPEG file format which are squared inwards shape. If you lot remove circular buttons they normally live on inwards PNG format.

Step 2: Once having the buttons, you lot volition bring to upload it to Photobucket or whatever other similar site.

Step 3: Once uploaded, you lot remove to larn the URL's of your images now.
  • If you lot bring uploaded your images to Photobucket, you'll tin larn the URL's of your images on the right mitt side. Copy the URL from Direct Link Title content box. 

Step 4: Go to your blogger Dashboard-> Layout-> Click on "Add a Gadget". 

  • From the popular upwards window list, select "HTML/JavaScript". 

Step 5: Below is the code Skeleton- Fill all the attributes of the HTML Tag correctly. 
[You tin purpose Notepad/Word Pad to exercise all the HTML code as well as therefore glue it on the HTML/JavaScript Content box]

           <a href=""target="_blank" >
    <img src="http://www.URLofImageLocation.comheight="70" width="70" /></a> 

Explanation of Code:
  • : URL for the address of your social media similar Facebook,Twitter etc. For example: 
  • target="_blank" : To ready the page opened upwards inwards a New Tab.
  • : "Direct Link" URL address from PhotoBucket.
  • height="70" width="70" : Dimensions for your Icon. Change it depending on your requirements.
Repeat all the steps i yesteryear i for every social media icon you lot add. 

Step vi : Click on "Save" push as well as "Save the Arrangement". Check your spider web log to run across the changes as well as click each icons to ready certain you lot bring linked it properly.

That's it. If you lot exercise the steps correctly you lot volition live on going to bring the ready novel expect for your blog/website.

If you lot bring whatever doubts or suggestions, delight exercise larn out your comments below.