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How To Download Youtube Video - No Software Required

Many of us sentinel those awesome videos on YouTube. And few of those videos on YouTube, nosotros would similar to bring it. So, how to download these videos.

      In this post, nosotros volition live on going to larn "How to download a YouTube video without using whatsoever software".

Follow this elementary steps to download your favorite videos-

Step 1: Open the Video yous desire to download

Step 2: Go to address bar together with re-create the address or URL.

Step 3: Open together with glue the copied URL/link, than press download(NOTE: You may bespeak to download Java Software, if yous don't have)

Step 4: Click on the lineament together with format yous want(you tin fifty-fifty download mp3/audio also)

That's it. Enjoy. Watch the inwards a higher house video for consummate tutorial.

Do yous mean value this is the best agency to download YouTube Videos? Comment below.

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