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How To Practice Static Pages Inwards Blogger

Blogger Static Page

    Blogger Static Pages  are same every bit ship service pages though they have certainly divergence compared to ship service pages. The divergence is Blogger static pages don't accept a label, they don't appear inwards the blog's archive. Blogger static pages are pages that primarily used to write Contact Pages, privacy Pages, About Me pages etc.
              But still, nosotros tin dismiss purpose this pages to supply external link to other parts of the spider web log or fifty-fifty totally to other blog/website.  The primary advantages of using Static pages is they create human activity similar a business office of  skeleton of your blog. Therefore, the content of Static Pages
can live on accessed from whatever ship service or whatever business office of blog. How yous volition live on going to brand purpose of it is only limited to i imagination.   

So, let's banking concern agree out - How To Create Static Pages In Blogger :

Step 1: Log inwards to your draw of piece of job organisation human relationship in addition to Click on Dashboard of your blog

Step 2: Click on Pages every bit shown below

Step 3: Click on New Page - > Blank Page every bit shown below

Step 4: Write the "Title of the page" in addition to come inwards the page content

Step 5: See the Preview of the page on your spider web log earlier publishing

Step 6: After completing the editing, Publish the Page  

Step 7: You create accept iii options: 
  • Place the page Link inwards Top carte du jour bar- Top tabs
  • Place the page link inwards Side carte du jour bar- Side tabs
  • To come inwards page link manually on your blog- Don't show

Step 8: Now, relieve the organisation   

Your Static Page looks similar every bit shown below 

That's it. Now yous accept created your static page. 

If yous accept whatever doubts or suggestions, delight create operate out your comment below.