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Whatsapp Payments – How To Post As Well As Have Money?

WhatsApp has lately launched its nigh awaited characteristic inwards the version 2.18.41 for Android users together with 2.18.21 for iOS users. The payment selection uses the UPI interface  which is regulated past times the Reserve Bank of India(RBI) through its payment subsidy NPCI. As of directly equally many equally 72
banks are alive on UPI.

What is WhatsApp Payment?
- WhatsApp payment is a peer to peer transfer system. Here at that topographic point is no selection to post coin to whatever merchant rather to a soul who is connected to WhatsApp using their prison theater mobile telephone number. Which inwards plough is connected to banking firm trouble organisation human relationship together with UPI. Therefore at that topographic point is no demand to larn into VPA(Virtual Payment Address) or banking firm trouble organisation human relationship release or IFSC code.

Prerequisite for WhatsApp payment:
- Both users should endure using WhatsApp.
- Both users should endure having latest version of WhatsApp inwards which UPI organisation is enabled.
- The WhatsApp release which y'all used to sign inwards WhatsApp should endure same inwards the banking firm trouble organisation human relationship details.

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WhatsApp Payment Setup Procedure:
- Open Whatsapp
- Tap on 3 dots from piece of occupation past times right corner
- Tap on the settings
- Below Notification selection y'all volition come across "Payments" option, tap on it
- The side past times side concealment asks to guide "Accept And Continue", tap on it
- Next tap on "Verify Via SMS"
- It volition post an SMS together with verify your identity
- Next y'all volition come across a listing of UPI supported banking firm trouble organisation human relationship names. It volition demonstrate inwards a format where at that topographic point volition endure banking firm mention followed past times concluding iv digits of your banking firm trouble organisation human relationship number
- In illustration y'all produce bring multiple accounts amongst same banking firm it volition demonstrate multiple trouble organisation human relationship numbers. Select the ane which y'all would similar to link with
- Now the App volition demonstrate the Bank Account Number together with its shows Setup is complete.

WhatsApp Payment- How to post Money?
- Open chat amongst anyone to whom y'all desire to post money.
- Tap on the "Clip" picture from bottom right.
- It volition demonstrate "Payment" option. Tap on it.
- Now y'all tin larn into the sum together with tin equally good include personal message together with post it(Provided the other user equally good has UPI setup done on WhatsApp)
- It volition inquire for iv digit PIN release for verification.
- If everything entered is right y'all volition have the acknowledgment from the banking firm via SMS.

You tin equally good drib dead along runway of coin sent together with received from the Payment history option.

Do drib dead along inwards take away heed that this selection is yet hasn't been enabled for nigh users.

If y'all notice this article helpful or has already setup your UPI inwards WhatsApp together with sent or received coin delight portion your sense below.